(Los Angeles, USA), February 6, 2013--Pink Fable Group brings to both offline and online consumers some of the best and refreshing brands carrying a myriad of products, from clothing to accessories and homeware. 

Pink Fable Group, a multinational distributor of leading fashion and home décor brands, has captured the attention of top end traditional boutiques, physical retailers, online retailers and bridal boutiques, as well as the media for its
 excellent and refreshing collection of brands.

Strong Partnerships

More than anything else, however, Pink Fable Group is one of the very few multinational distributors that aim to promote cool understated brands in the market today. It is constantly in search of not just new products to sell but also potential partners with excellent track record, credibility, and fashion and stylish innovation.

They work alongside these brand partners formulating short- to long-term objectives and marketing strategies to ensure that both parties involved will enjoy continued growth and high profit. Pink Fable Group acts as a consulting agency for different aspects of fashion merchandising, including but not limited to public relations, supply chain management, branding, sales, and product and brand introductions. Retailers are even provided their own account in the website.

Their many years of experience in the fashion industry give Pink Fable Group the opportunity to train and market these brands in both offline and online channels. They tap into their extensive global network as well for the sale or distribution, as well as promotion, of such products.

Creating a New Breed of Online Selling

Pink Fable Group definitely believes that a huge part of its success can be attributed to its loyal and great partners they have been in business with since the beginning. In turn, more brands that need a little break into the industry are provided with the exposure they deserve. All these changes bring about a new kind of online selling: distributorship through grassroots support.

For those who are interested to retail in Pink Fable Group can visit the website or make their inquiry here.

About Pink Fable Group

Pink Fable Group is a multi-channel and multi national distributor of a variety of items such as jewelry pieces, accessories, dresses, and home decors. It provides strong support for different new brands through fashion merchandising consultations and regular and strategic business planning.  

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    Pink Fable Group is a multinational distributor of leading fashion and home décor brands.


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